Watch The Best Moments from “Wanna One Go” Episode 1 Now on KCON.TV!
Watch The Best Moments from “Wanna One Go” Episode 1 Now on KCON.TV!
August, 08, 2017 / 08:09 AM PST posted by kcon-admin

Wanna One’s new variety show “Wanna One Go” just premiered a few days ago, so that means it’s time for all of the missions, hidden cameras, and a little bit of drama.

You can check out all of the episode 1 highlights below! And, don’t forget you can watch all of the best moments from episode 2 this Thursday with subs only on KCON.TV!


“Wanna One Go” Episode 1

The boys move into their new dorm complete with 5 million cameras.

But, when they challenge the cameras to find “the handsome one,” who will it choose? Will it explode from the stress?


Sung Woo leads an investigative report into…Ji Hoon’s luggage.

If you were curious what color his underwear is, you’re in luck.


Woo Jin & Ji Hoon have a slow motion “kung fu” battle against each other–and then fan out their attack to Minhyun

War is brutal.


The members receive their vacation mission right after completing “Mission Impossible: Jungle of String.”


The members decide their team names and get their “vacation mission.”

Chance it’s going to be a vacation, 0%. We barely knew ye, boys.


The true story of Wanna One’s introduction is revealed.

It’s Naver Dictionary, y’all.


Daehwi and Jinyoung head to the arcade, but when Jinyoung explodes with Hulk-like energy, can Daehwi take it?

“We’re not fighting, guys. That’s just our chemistry.” Nope.


Team Sung Woon, Ji Sung, and Woo Jin spend some quality time with Sung Woon’s grandfather for their “vacation.”


…and then they get to work in the fields wearing some of the finest flower pants around.

So close, yet so far.


Ji Hoon is now Kuan Lin’s puppy. That is all.


Sung Woo and Daniel start their road trip with some classic tunes.

We need to be on this road trip.


Kang Daniel covers “Signal” from his bedroom. Concept? Bedhead.


Bonus: Find out Minhyun and Ji Sung’s Recording Studio Superstitions in This Behind The Scenes with Wanna One


Need more!? On this week’s “Mnet Present,” the boys took part in a five-part interview to share things about themselves that you might not have known! You can check out every minute of the interview below.

Sung Woon reveals his Spongebob speaking skills and Jinyoung shows that he was made for CF’s. 


Ji Sung shares Daehwi’s deep, dark, aegyo secrets, while Daniel tries to be a peach emoji–and succeeds. 


Sung Woo (a little bit savagely) impersonates Jinyoung. 


Daniel and Ji Sung can’t get their member impersonations just right.

Jae Hwan does a near perfect impression of Minhyun. “I’m handsome. I’m tall. I’m perfect.” Well, he’s not wrong.