Catch up on Every Wanna One Member Teaser Just in Time for #KCON17LA
Catch up on Every Wanna One Member Teaser Just in Time for #KCON17LA
July, 27, 2017 / 07:16 PM PST posted by kcon-admin

The day has finally come–the day when every single member teaser is out for Wanna One. Regardless of whether you’re on the “Burn It Up” side or the “Energetic” side, let’s just take a moment to enjoy all the pretty and support our “Produce 101” boys!

You can check out all of the teasers below, but we can’t guarantee that you won’t come away with a new bias…or five.

Don’t forget that you can see Wanna One live only at #KCON17LA! Just in case you need a quick reminder, KCON will be August 18-20, featuring 3 days of convention and 2 nights of concerts. Get tickets now!


Kang Daniel

Showing the true agony of choosing your outfit. OOTD ready–4 hours later.


Ha Sung Woon

How did he know it’s our dream to have a man bring us flowers and bubbles. What a keeper.


Ong Seong Woo

Breaking the 4th wall, breaking hearts. Also, not even breaking a sweat with all that jogging. Thumbs up for being in great shape.


Bae Jin Young

Basically just us staring at him while he stares into the soul of his music. This is not the love triangle we expected, but we’re not complaining.


Park Woo Jin

Whether it’s in the sunlight or the moonlight, we just can’t get enough of this dance.


Yoon Ji Sung

The first man to ever look adorable while falling asleep with a pencil in his mouth. Note: Yoon Ji Sung videos will now rank above kitten videos in terms of squee-worthy cuteness.


Lee Dae Hwi

All we can say is, what a beautiful, musical composition genius.


Lai Kuan Lin 

If his basketball intensity is any guide, we’ve got some passionate raps to look forward to.


Kim Jae Hwan

Be still our hearts, there’s just something about a man softly plucking an acoustic guitar. Status: In love.


Park Ji Hoon

What do you do when your sneakers roll away on your skateboard in front of your eyes? Strike a hella cute pose. Who needs shoes when you’ve got winks.


Hwang Min Hyun

No words.